Current status of virtual currency and dark market

Curriculum and overview

  • Part 1 “Current Status of Virtual Currency and Dark Market”
  • Part 2 “Future of Virtual Currency Business”

※Regarding the first part, there is no description of the minutes due to requests from the lecturer.


“Current Status of Virtual Currency and Dark Market”

※Regarding the first part, there is no description of the minutes due to requests from the lecturer.


“Future of Virtual Currency Business”

The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Industry Association which reached an agreement on March 2 of this year has officially launched on April 23 and after that, we will start to formulate a self-regulation rule in June in order to secure the regime and budget It is a situation where we are in a hurry to establish the self-regulation rules at present with a rapid pace and to improve the situation for certification acquisition.
I understand the specific date and content, but since it is a very sensitive situation, I would like you to forgive me for talking in many cases I can not say.

Although it is a voluntary regulation rule, we will have members gather at each member company from the opening of June, and we will repeat the discussion on the voluntary regulations and issues pointed out on a daily basis.
In this draft of consensus and confirmation matters, in hundreds of pages of voluntary draft draft, I think that it takes about 30 hours or so to confirm confirmation points and adjustment items which amount to 1,000 items in total time.
There is also a request from the authorities that we must hurry up and clean up, and the secretariat is also in the midst of insomnia and we are coordinating with the authorities and coordinating with each registrar.


If you see the future of a trustless non-centralized public network, the era of data and property value transfer networks will come true, and the data itself will be in the net when the era of public data infrastructure comes up It is a virtual currency that is absolutely necessary there, and since the virtual currency exchange trader that exchanges the virtual currency has a mission responsible for the future in the future, we are proud that it is a situation where full risk management is desired .

In response to this, the virtual currency exchange industry association which was agreed at 16 companies, as a voluntary restraint organization, exchange companies will work on improving their situation with a sense.

The attempt of gathering from the private sector to become themselves a sefurer regulator is actually the first case to be certified in Japan.
Therefore, the FSA’s eyes are very severe, as incidents have occurred and it is becoming a social problem, there is a sort of eye-to-eye alignment.

I would like to report and explain to everyone regularly, but by all means, I would like you to warmly observe the future of the virtual currency industry and block chains.
You can criticize in a word, but you can not respond to it in a day.
As we deal with the virtual currency itself we promise to promote collar itself, thinking that we will make a good market, we will continue to believe in the future of virtual currency and block chain is.

(The whole data is released to more than the associate member)