Virtual currency industry overseas situation

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  • Part 1 “Virtual currency industry overseas situation”
  • Part 2 “51% Attack Future Responses”


Part 1 “Virtual currency industry overseas situation”

Today I would like to talk about the characteristics of Japanese virtual currency operators and markets when compared to overseas.
Although there are many stories about security talks and regulations, I think that there are not many people who know how Japan is caught abroad and what kind of situation it is when compared to overseas.
Explain why exchanges need to understand advanced technologies and trends, what are the issues and problems of the entire Japan exchange and block chain industry that you feel?
In case
In terms of general penetration and exposure probably the world’s top, there is no other country that advertisements are just getting on the train normally.
People abroad have many opinions on why Japan is commonly penetrated, but I think that the tax system is sticking to the legs, and it is also characterized by clear legislation being present.
As other countries are discussing what to do in the future, Japan that is doing it is also a big plus and I will tell you that there are places that will become negative.
Another frank opinion is that the progress of technology and business other than exchanges is delayed. It seems like I can say things like doing exchanges so other projects are irrelevant, but I would like to tell you that the circumstances are slightly different overseas.
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I will compare in the place I remember and remember in the country I went. Protocol development is popular in America and Europe.
People developing protocols for bit coins and ether symbols are working hard on the front line. Transactions are also strong, but there are places where protocol development is the best, not as much as Japan and South Korea.
Israel ‘s fun place is that there are so many types of projects because the ideas are so rich, but the transactions are not at all exciting.
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Singapore has an image of Asian cryptographic currency or block chain hub, but the exchange is frozen bank accounts and it is impossible to trade legal currency and encryption currency, and the transaction is delayed. The tax system is superior, but without the cooperation from existing financial institutions, the situation is that the trade will not get excited.
China banned trade last year and there are many unclear points in various ways, but mining is proceeding. I talked to a mining company in China, but the level is quite different from those I am trying to enter into mining business in Japan. A lot of knowledge and know-how on the site were accumulated, and I felt the level difference with respect to mining.
Korea is very similar to Japan and transactions are exciting. If you add up all the transaction volume it is bigger than Japan, but the other projects are not growing at all, so it is the impression that it is structured close to Japan …


I was hosting the Tokyo Bitcoin Conference from 2013, and held about 180 regular meetings from 2013 to 2016. After that, I visited overseas bit coin community from September 2016 and, as a result, based in Israel, I will introduce the Israeli project and other overseas projects.
In case
As ICO and block chain precede and funds gather a lot, it is not surprising that the project at Block Chaintech actually is running. However, the peripheral business of bit coin is proceeding with enormous momentum, since more than half of the projects to introduce are not Block Chaintech’s company, it is a project actually operating as a peripheral industry.
In case
It is a blog site called Yours, but it is a project that can be charged with a bit coin cache. This means that you can read the article after billing, 90% of the cost goes to the writer and 10% goes to the company called Yours.
This is browser wallet, I charge the bit coin cache to the wallet in the browser and use it. It takes 10 cents to post an article, so it can also prevent spam as it can not be written for free.
Although comments can be put in, although you have to pay also for comments, so when you write you can decide the title by yourself, decide the range that you can read for free, you can decide the content after billing yourself and write comments You can also price it. Derived from it, we also provided a service that uses a billing API called money button, and a new service is also offered to use the charge button on your blog site and publisher side.
It is a company called Deribit, but here there are transactions of about 5,000 BTC minutes a day. Options trading and derivative transactions are expected to expand, and this company seems to be considering a pair with the Japanese yen.
In case
It is a service to guarantee payment of customers’ BTC by zero confirmation with 0.01% insurance for exchanges called GAP 600. Currently, when you deposit a bit coin to an exchange, you can start trading after roughly waiting for 2 confirmation or 3 confirmation, but if you use this insurance service, the customer will start trading immediately at 0.01% That means that there are about 200,000 transactions per month …

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Part 2 “51% Attack Future Responses”

Linking with the block chain is an activity of ISO standardization, but last month, the third meeting was in London, here the security of the virtual currency exchange industry is said to be Digital Asset Custodians and this It was resolved to prepare over a year and we plan to announce the first draft at TC 307 to be held in Moscow next October 22.
It is said that the standardization of block chains is going to be early, but I began around Terminology by saying that I must start first.
The group actively engaged in Security and Identity merger and thereafter the committee integrated with SC2 of JTC 1 which is the security of ISO as a whole is coming soon in full swing.
The committee of Smart Contract is doing something like Governance Interoperability with the move mainly in Germany.
The source of the report to be put out to Moscow is that the discussion is done with security experts and some exchange exchanges in consideration items concerning the handling of virtual currency at the study meeting from February.
In case
Although it is a case surrounding the recent virtual currency, the Mt. Gox case of 2014 is very large, but it is not only the coin check case of 2017, but also the fact that BitGrail of Italy goes bankrupt, In the case of a leak of Tether token, NiceHash leaked out in two digit million classes, and double payment attack by bit coin gold Re-Org is in May 2018.
Originally the attack against smart contracts was the TheDAO incident in 2016, but I think that the value of the virtual currency rises and the merit of attacking is coming out.
In case
So far the bit coin has two large bubbles, the first one started around the Cyprus crisis in 2013 and it became very big even at the shutdown of the Silk Road, but at that time the price of roughly 1 bit coin 100,000 yen Exceeded the beginning of each year at the beginning of the year, there was soaring soaring above 2 million yen at one time.
Basically, in 2015, there is a recommendation to ask account confirmation for opening an account and exchanging virtual currency at FinancialActionTaskForce when the revision of the funds settlement law says something. In response to this, Japan’s fund settlement law If it was revised and used as a means of settlement as its aftermath, it was decided not to be subject to consumption tax.
In case
Bit coin scalability problem came out around 2015, but one is concentrating mining places in China.
There are several reasons for this, one can get very cheap electricity in an industrial estate, and an ecosystem just for designing unique ASIC as an industrial cluster and introducing it to the market was completed.
In case
In the case of China, there is regulation of foreign exchange unlike Japan and the United States, so you can not bring out RMB outside of the country, but you can invest in bit coin mining, you can remit the bit coin obtained there freely I also understand that the investment was very active · · ·・

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『仮想通貨業界 海外の実状』
『51%アタック 今後の対応など』


  • 第一部 「仮想通貨業界 海外の実状」
     株式会社HashHub CEO 東 晃慈 氏
     東京ビットコイン会議 幹事 宍戸 健 氏
  • 第二部 「51%アタック 今後の対応など」
     Japan Digital Design株式会社 最高技術責任者 楠 正憲 氏


「仮想通貨業界 海外の実状」

株式会社HashHub CEO 東 晃慈 氏
東京ビットコイン会議 幹事 宍戸 健 氏

 ビットコインやイーサリアムのプロトコルを開発している人たちが前線で頑張っている状況です。 取引も強いのですが日本や韓国ほどではなく、プロトコル開発が一番いいというところがあります。
 中国は去年にトレードを禁止し、色々と不明確な点が多いのですがマイニングは進んでいます。中国 のマイニング業者と話しましたが、日本でマイニング事業に参入しようとしている人とのレベルが全く 違います。現場の知識やノウハウが多く蓄積されていて、マイニングに関してはレベル差を感じました。


 私、2013年から東京ビットコイン会議を主催しておりまして、2013年から2016年まで約180回の定例会を開催していました。その後、2016 年9月から海外のビットコインコミュニティを訪ねて回り、結果的にイスラエルに拠点を置いていまして、イスラエルのプロジェクトとその他の海外プロジェクトについて紹介をさせていただきます。
 ICO とブロックチェーンという言葉が先行し、資金が多く集まる中で、実際にブロックチェーンテックでのプロジェクトが稼働しているのは意外とありません。ただ、ビットコインの周辺事業はすごい勢いで進んでおり、紹介する半分以上のプロジェクトはブロックチェーンテックの会社ではないので、周辺産業として実際に稼働しているプロジェクトになります。
 Yoursというブログサイトですが、ビットコインキャッシュで課金ができるプロジェクトです。これは課金後の記事が読めまして、費用の 90%が書き手に行き、10%がYoursという会社に行きます。
 これはブラウザウォレットでして、ブラウザの中のウォレットに対して自分がビットコインキャッシュをチャージして使います。一つの記事をポストするのに 10セントかかるので、無料では書けないことからスパム防止にもなります。
 コメントも入れられるのですが、コメントにも支払わなくてはいけないので、書く場合には自分でタイトル決めて無料の読める範囲を決め、課金後のコンテンツを自分で決定できますし、コメントを書くにも値段をつけることができます。それに派生して、マネーボタンという課金 API を使うサービスも提供していまして、課金ボタンを自分のブログサイトやパブリッシャー側に使っていただくという新しいサービスも提供されています。
 GAP600という取引所向けに0.01%の保険で顧客のBTCの入金をゼロコンファメーションで保証するサービスです。現在、取引所にビットコインを入金する場合は、大体2コンファメーションか3コンファメーションを待ってから取引が開始できるのですが、こちらの保険サービスを使うと 0.01%で顧客がすぐに取引を始めることができるということで、月間 20 万トランザクションぐらいはあります・・・



「51%アタック 今後の対応など」

Japan Digital Design株式会社 最高技術責任者 楠 正憲 氏

 ブロックチェーンとの繋がりではISO標準化の活動なのですが、先月、第3回の会議がロンドンでありまして、ここで仮想通貨交換業のセキュリティのことを Digital Asset Custodians という言い方をしていて、これを約一年かけて準備をするということが決議されまして、最初のドラフトを次回の10月22日からモスクワで開催するTC307で発表していく予定になります。
 活発に活動しているのはSecurityとIdentityのグループが合併をしまして、その後、ISO全体でのセキュリティであるJTC1のSC2 と統合した委員会が、近々、本格的に立ち上がる状況にあります。
 Smart Contractの委員会はドイツを中心とした動きと、Governance Interoperabilityのようなことをしています。
 最近の仮想通貨を巡る事件ですが、2014年のMt.Gox事件が非常に大きいわけですが、それが2017年のコインチェック事件だけではなく、イタリアのBitGrailが倒産するというようなこともあり、Tetherトークンの漏えいの事件、NiceHashが二桁億クラスで流出、ビットコインゴールドの Re-Orgによる二重払い攻撃が2018年5月にあります。
 資金決済法の改正が何かを振り返ると、基本的には 2015年にFinancialActionTaskForceで口座開設や仮想通貨の交換に対して本人確認を求めるという勧告があり、これを受けて日本では資金決済法が改正され、その余波として決済手段として使うのであれば消費税の対象ではないと決まりました。
 この理由はいくつかありまして、一つは工業団地で非常に廉価な電力を入手できますし、産業集積として早くから独自の ASIC を設計して市場に導入するだけのエコシステムが出来上がっていました。